Ground Services

Zenith offers their customers an integrated range of high quality passenger, ramp and technical services in Turkish Airports.

We can tailor our products to the specific needs of each of our customers, with our proffesional liecensed Ground Staff offering all or a mix of the following services:

Passenger Services
Passenger check-in
Lost and found
Irregularity handling (hotel accommodation, meal vouchers)
Security screening
Special services
Ramp / Technical Services
Baggage loading
Pushback, towing and repositioning
Aircraft cleaning, toilet/water
Aircraft de-icing
Load control, communications, flight operations, dispatch
Line maintenance
GSE maintenance
Committed to making our service quality even more outstanding, we seek to work in partnership with each of our Customers, to design, develop and deliver outstanding and flexible service solutions.
Along w ith our experience and commitment to continuous improvement, we design solutions that optimise the total cost of our Airline Customer's ground operations.

The strategic goals of Zenith in this field are:

• To manage all of Ground Handling activities.
• To ensure a competitive ground-handling market for all users of the airport.
• To ensure and maintain the satisfaction of airport-users based on a fair and objective charging policy regarding centralised infrastructure resources.
• To design and develop products that meet airline requirements.
• To facilitate and ensure efficient ground handling efficient operations.
• To monitor the efficiency of the in-flight catering and fuelling concessions.

Formalize the knowledge on all ground handling services according to AHM
Increase the efficiency of your stations as an airline or service provider
Work within the frame of IATA's Airport Handling Manual and Standard Ground Handling Agreement