Cargo GSA

Zenith Air Service Cargo GSA handles cargo sales and operations for major international airlines, both on-line (Adria Airways and Croatia Airlines) and off-line carriers (Montegengro Airlines).

Zenith Air Services reputation for prompt, efficient and innovative handling of air cargo has established the company as a leading GSA in the cargo industry.

We offer professional and quality sales and marketing activities for international carriers wishing to establish a successful cargo operation throughout Turkey both incoming and outgoing.

Based on our knowledge of local market conditions, we offer a variety of services and solutions to generate freight sales throughout all World Counties.

Sales & Marketing
Zenith Air Services offers professional sales and marketing services. Decisive, well trained, and strongly present in the market, our team is constantly aiming for better results. We are always aware of the market reactions, requirements and the competitors' actions.

  1. Services launched to our customer more than expected.
  2. Better communication, new concept introduction, business intelligent sharing, etc., to enhance business co-operation together with business development.
  3. Professional marketing and sales specialists provided both academic and live experience for industries.
  4. Better service level, capability, and destinations provided for better market positioning.
  5. Wide-range of strategies focus and target different customer segments, leading high profile sales and marketing activities, together with long-term loyalty.
  6. Close co-operation with carriers, freight forwarders and cargo terminal operators.
  7. Professional manner and knowledge that solve our customer’s requests and enquiries, with continually performance review.

Operations and Customer Services Cargo GSA is proud to confer on its customer's great care and attention 24/7-365. Our operations team makes sure that on-time delivery is not just a statement, but an actual reality.

Cargo GSA offers its clients efficient accounting services, such as sales revenue, debits, payments, bookkeeping and financial reports

Our Services
Cargo Sales & Marketing
Field sales
tariff distribution
Dedicated lines answered in airline name
Warehouse/handling supervision
Flight supervision
Road feeders to remote gateways under airline flight number
Automatic postflights
Cargo track/trace
Import supervision
AWB stock control
Capacity control
Revenue accounting/collection
Statistical reporting
Competitor rate monitoring
Ground handling operators liaison and consultancy
Air Side accessibility
Land Side operations
Loading and unloading supervision
ULD/equipment inventory management
IRP handling and follow up
Statistics services
Performance reporting
Customer services
Government agencies liaison consultation