Zenith Air Services


Zenith Air Services was established in 1990 at Istanbul, to meet the needs of aviation and tourism partners looking to take advantage of the booming Turkish aviation market. As a completely independent and well respected GSA, our clients quickly benefited from our neutral positioning.
Today, our independent professional approach allows our partners to capitalize on our relationships in the industry without conflict of interest, compromise or concession.
Through our team of experienced aviation and marketing professionals with more than 20 years combined aviation experience, Zenith consistently exceeds customer expectations, achieving greater awareness and market share for our clients through strong sales results and tailored marketing solutions.

Zenith Air Services offers highly targeted airline representation in Turkey. Tap into first-hand local market intelligence for airline GSA needs and for marketing an airline in Turkey, or for achieving what you should expect from successful destination marketing organizations.

Zenith Air Services offers Turkey based marketing representation to enable you to understand the business processes and how passenger think. Destination marketing and airline representation solutions can only succeed in the Turkey when, for example, psychographic segmentation of target customers is totally understood.

We will assist with your Turkish marketing plan, and provide Turkey representation which, depending on the ideal marketing mix for your situation, may include all or part of:
- Making your brand relevant for the Turkish market
- Demand generation - advertising (online and offline), public relations, social media, and … - Response handling
- Partnership marketing, opportunity development
- Distribution channel management, and assistance with contract negotiation
- Sales account development, trade shows
- Ongoing business development, expansion
- Reporting on trends for your specific niche or environment WORLD CLASS SERVICE

The Aviation business does not stand still. We continue to be at the forefront of this changing industry and today we include some of the region's leading airlines and travel companies amongst our clients. We can do this by consistently providing them with the world class service that they demand.


Our Airline partners depend on us to be their eyes and ears in the markets in which we represent them. Their expectations are high and so are ours.


Zenith Air Services can tailor a service to meet your individual needs. Whether you are a new airline seeking a partner to kick start your local operation, or an established global player who needs assistance in a small regional market, Zenith Air Services has the experience and knowledge to exceed your requirements and, at the same time, remove any of the associated fixed costs.


GSSA functions
Field sales representation
Customer services
Telesales and marketing mailing
Market Analysis and Forecasts
Complete station or network management
Interline and SPA agreements
New product development
Management reports
BSP accounting


Zenith Air Services is able to provide full GSSA functions not only throughout our own network but also regionally through our professional partners.

Our mission is to assist airlines and travel companies go that extra mile for their customers whilst reducing costs wherever possible. We provide the additional manpower and local expertise to strengthen a company's sales effort, enhance customer relations and ultimately increase revenue.

We provide our clients with a pro-active and creative service that is results-driven and aimed at meeting the specific requirements of the airline or travel company both in terms of sales targets and support facilities.

Some of the key services offered within our GSSA package include:

- Develop sales and marketing strategies
- Targeted field sales calls through our sales team network
- Provide Point Of Contact Within The Target Markets
- Training and educational visits
- Creation of fares/pricing structure
- Regular reporting on market conditions and competitor activity
- Develop Relationships With Key Companies and Organizations
- Presence at Major Exhibitions
- Liaison With Media
- Contracting of applicable pro-rate sectors
- Advertising programmes and distribution of promotional materials

Air Services

Passenger Services:
• Check-in Services
• Baggage acceptance and sorting
• Boarding / Gate Services
• Arrival services
• Airport Ticketing sales desk
• Transit Passenger's assistance
• Lost & Found services
• Dedicated passenger services

Special Services:

• VIP Passenger

• VIP Lounges
• Unaccompanied minors (UM)
• Disabled passengers (Wheelchairs)
• Special assistance requests
• Temporary help staff

Flight Operations:

• Flight Dispatch
• Weight & Balance
• Communications
• Fuel coordination
• Crew coordination: transfer and accommodation
• Catering coordination
• Security (sub-contracted service)

Ramp Services Supervision:

• Aircraft Loading supervision
• Aircraft Offloading Supervision
• ULD Control

Cargo & Mail:

• Import
• Export
• Transit Cargo